Taking care of yourself as a busy working mum!

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Taking care of yourself as a busy working mum!

Amber, one of our Health Referral Advisors, is here with some top advice on how she looks after herself while still being a busy working mum. Over to you, Amber!

Hi, my name is Amber and I work as a Health Referral Advisor for the Cheshire Change Hub at Brio Leisure. I am a wife, mum to a whirlwind 4 year old, and we recently thought it was a good idea to throw a puppy into the mix too! My husband works away from home, therefore things like the school run and housework is all on me the majority of the time, so keeping organised is a must. 

Prioritising YOU can be such a challenge when you are so busy juggling (what feels like!) a million and one other things. However, it is so important to give yourself ‘me time’ and look after yourself. I have experienced how my mental health can suffer as a direct impact of putting yourself last on my list of to-do’s.

I have my little boys 5th Birthday coming up soon, his first nativity at school as well as Christmas, so it’s all systems go at the moment. This time of year is particularly busy for everyone, so I have put together some useful tips you may like to try which personally help me stay focused.

Amber’s Top Tips:

Get out for a walk / fresh air on your lunch break, get that step count up! 

You will feel miles better for it.

Make time to do things you enjoy

I enjoy exercise classes. Sometimes it’s body combat or a weight training session, other times it’s something more relaxing like Pilates or yoga. Walking down my local beach – we are lucky enough to have the coast all around us.

Book yourself in for a massage – yes, you do deserve it! Or just enjoy a bubble bath in peace, whatever works for you…

Drink plenty of water! 

Make sure you get lots of water throughout the day and reduce caffeine intake to two cups per day (max) or opt for a herbal tea instead!

Be prepared

  • Get the school uniform, your own clothes ready the night before the following day
  • Batch cook at dinner times so you have a meal made for your lunch or spares in the freezer for days when you know you are going to be working late / too tired to cook
  • Make a list! – I often use notepad on my phone rather than paper as it’s something you will always have close by and regularly check. However, sometimes writing it down can hold you more accountable
  • Use a calendar / diary – I am regularly scheduling in reminders of dates and times of things – especially school reminders, work meetings etc.

Practice Mindfulness

Not just through meditation and breathing techniques, but be mindful about and appreciate your surroundings. Have a mindful walk or a mindful shower, take the time to enjoy these little things. I often use an app called ‘Calm’ too.

Ground yourself 

Bring yourself back to the here and now when you are feeling overwhelmed, worried about future tasks or overthinking the past. Grounding techniques such as using the 5 senses: Sight, Touch, Sound, Taste and Smell are particularly good if you are feeling anxious. You can use these techniques to bring you back to the present moment. For example using your favourite hand moisturizer, this incorporates touch and smell, or focusing on deep breathing and feeling your chest expanding.

Always try and take at least 10-30minutes of your day for YOU! – your body and mind will thank you for it. Don’t forget, Cheshire Change Hub can help direct you to particular services across Cheshire West if you’re struggling with anything specific. Take a look at our directory here.