We want to help you with your stress at Cheshire Change Hub!

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National Stress Awareness Day

We want to help you with your stress at Cheshire Change Hub!

We have several highly skilled and knowledgeable Health Referral Advisors, who want to help with managing stress levels. Identifying signs of stress early and knowing what can be done to reduce thoughts and feelings of stress can benefit your overall health and wellbeing.

Kelly at Cheshire Change Hub

Kelly believes exercising, reducing caffeine intake and spending quality time with loved ones are three really useful ways of relieving stress. “Exercise can improve sleep quality, help reduce feels of anxiety, increase body confidence and promote mental wellbeing. Caffeine in small quantities can be harmless. However it is known to cause anxiety, dehydration, headaches, dizziness, insomnia and restlessness. Replacing caffeine with more water can really support physical and mental health. Quality time spent with loved ones can help stressful periods feel less challenging too. Simply talking about your worries can help you feel more positive about the future.” Reducing caffeine intake is proven to help reduce overall stress levels, increased levels of cortisol can affect weight and health.

Amber at Cheshire Change Hub

Amber personally enjoys mindfulness activities, using online applications such as Calm and Headspace for up to 30 minutes every day “to switch off from the world and focus on breathing, which in turn reduces heart rate and stress levels”. Amber also enjoys exercising, whether it’s a gym session, fitness class or an outdoor walk with the dog. It all helps to improve overall wellbeing. It is vital to schedule some time for you, it could even include a pamper session. Find time to book yourself a spa treatment or even have a bubble bath at home with some of your favourite music playing in the background.

Sophie at Cheshire Change Hub

Sophie echoes much of what has already been highlighted above, and goes on to say “doing what you enjoy is so important, I find listening to songs by my favourite artist, watching a new television programme, listening to a podcast, going to the cinema or reading a book is good for my wellbeing”. The trick is finding out what ‘floats your boat’ and use that to have a positive effect on your stress levels. Everyone has a certain level of stress they can cope with, and stress is actually helps us continue functioning, it’s when stress levels become unmanageable where we start to have issues.

Always make time to look after yourself; from exercise to healthy eating to social events and more! It’s not selfish to think about yourself, being at your best both mentally and physically will help you to manage your stress levels!