International Day of People with Disabilities

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International Day of People with Disabilities

On 3 December each year, the International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD) is celebrated to raise awareness about the well-being and welfare of people living with disabilities. There are lots of ways to get involved and the organisation promotes services which are FREE to access. 


What is the International Day of People with Disabilities? 

In 1992, the United Nations called for an international day of celebration for people living with disabilities to be held each year on 3 December. Although it was created by the UN, it is a celebration everyone can take part it! The more people who actively take part the better, as they’ll take on a vital role of identifying and addressing the discrimination faced by people living with disabilities. 

The IDPWD is all about: 

  • Celebrating the diversity in our global community 
  • Learning from the experiences of people living with disabilities 
  • Optimism towards the future where people are not characterised by their disabilities, but their abilities 
  • Taking action and committing to a world where human rights are equal 


How can I get involved? 

You can find out more about this day here. You can also visit their donations page if you’d like to contribute to their campaign. 

If you’d like to get involved through fundraising, they have a range of ideas for you to pick from! Click here to take a look.


Support and Information 

The IDPWD have a list of support services on their website which you can access here. They range from assistance in daily life to help from support workers. 

Click here to visit the IDPWD website for more information.