Stay on top of your drinking this Christmas.

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Festive Drinking Tips

On the build up to Christmas, Deb our Health Referral Advisor is here to share her festive drinking tips…

Most of us enjoy a glass or two of wine, beer, cider, etc., during the festive period. But did you know…

The recommended weekly allowance for every adult, regardless of gender, is 14 units.

What does a unit look like though?

The scientific calculation to work out how much alcohol you are drinking is:-

The volume of the drink multiplied by the strength (ABV) divided by 1000

For example:

A 750ml bottle of wine x 14% ABV ÷ 1000 = 10.5 units

It is recommended that you have at least 2 non-alcohol days in a week.

As our Christmases were curtailed for the previous 2 years due to the pandemic, this year, people may be more inclined to drink more over the festive period due to work parties, gatherings with friends, and perhaps indulge more.

It’s worth keeping in mind that every unit of alcohol takes 1 hour to leave your body, so we need to be mindful of this, particularly if required to drive the next day.

There are lots are non-alcoholic beverages available, including an array of wines and beers. There is also the option of mocktails, which you can even re-create at home. BBC has some great recipe ideas here.

Why not try this non-alcoholic G&T, which only takes 10 minutes to prepare!


5 cardamom pods

½ cucumber

1 chamomile teabag

½ bunch mint leaves , plus extra to garnish

1 strip lemon zest

5 cloves

½ bunch rosemary

tonic water


few pomegranate seeds, to garnish

Click on here for all details!

We know that Christmas can be a difficult period for many people. If you feel that your drinking habits are unmanageable, help and support is available.

WDP offers free and confidential help for Cheshire West and Chester residents. Further information can be found on their website You can also contact them on:

Chester                 0300 303 4549

Ellesmere Port       0300 303 4550

Northwich             0300 303 4548