Get Sugar Smart!

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Get Sugar Smart!

Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in a can of Coke? Or that healthy looking yoghurt? Now you can find out, using the Change4Life Sugar Smart app.

Studies have shown that children in the UK are consuming three times more sugar than they should be! The aim of the Sugar Smart app is to make children and parents alike more aware of how much sugar is in the food they eat on a daily basis.

It’s really simple to use, simply download the Sugar Smart app and then scan the barcode of your food or drink to find out how much added sugar is in it. You’ll be surprised at how much sugar is lurking in your food!

Using Sugar Smart you can start to make more informed choices about what you and your children eat and drink. The app will also be able to recommend healthier swaps so you’ll cut down on your sugar intake too!

Visit the Change4Life website to find out more about the Sugar Swap app.