Men's Health Week

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Men’s Health Week

Mental, social and physical health all play a key part in improving our overall health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that men find it difficult to seek help or even acknowledge they may have a health issue. During Men’s Health Week (14-21 June), we’ll been sharing our tips and signposting information for better wellbeing practices on our Facebook and Twitter pages! James, our Health Referral Advisor, is here to share his top tips and ways you can look after your wellbeing.


Mental Health

How can poor mental health affect men?

Over a third of men experience a mental health problem in their lives and over 75% of suicides are men. Men’s mental health is very important, and we urge you to seek help if you feel that you’re struggling. Many men struggle to get help because of the stigma around mental health, which unfortunately downplays symptoms due to the ‘social norm’ of being masculine. Mental health problems can be triggered by past experiences and stress, with common triggers including traumatic experiences, bereavement and physical health conditions such as erectile disfunction.

Visit the NHS website for a list of mental health helplines.


Ways to look after mental health

There are lots of things you can do to take care of your mental health, here’s some ideas for you to try!

  • Walking – fresh air and light exercise can do wonders! Walk by yourself (in a safe location) or with a friend to help clear your head and relax your body.
  • Socialise with friends – catching up with friends on Zoom or in person (following government guidelines) can help lift your mood and add some fun to your day! If you feel comfortable, speak with your friends about your mental health and share some tips between you.
  • TV and Video Games – whether you enjoy a good sitcom or catch all your football team’s games of the season, getting comfy with some TV can help you take your mind of stressful tasks whilst you enjoy some entertainment! If you’re a gamer, playing a much-loved game can also help you unwind (depending on the intensity of the game!) and take your mind off things.
  • Exercise – it’s no secret that exercise releases those important endorphins to give us a boost, so it would make sense that this is great for mental health too! Whether you enjoy cardio or yoga, we’ve got loads of classes on our YouTube channel or taking place in our centres.

I understand finding the motivation to be active and sociable can be difficult when you’re feeling low, but every small step you take towards activities that lift your mood are big achievements which should be celebrated! I personally find 10-15 minutes of yoga and meditation extremely beneficial and would recommend trying them to help de-stress, click here to try a short meditation session with Tomoko, our Health Referral Advisor!


Physical Health – Prostate Cancer

There are some physical health problems which will only affect people who are biologically male. Prostate cancer is the most diagnosed in the UK, with 1 in 8 men being diagnosed in their lifetime. It more commonly affects men over 50, of Black ethnicity and with a history of Prostate Cancer. You can find out more here.


How can I reduce my risk of Prostate Cancer?

Some lifestyle changes are thought to reduce the risk of Prostate Cancer. These include:

  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Stop smoking
  • A healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, reduced amounts of saturated fat and sugar and increased fibre
  • Regular exercise

Let’s speak up, remove stigmas and prioritise our health!

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